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Jimmy Carter Awarded Distinguished Academic Accolades
Jimmy Carter Early College High School continues to play an important role in helping close the academic gap for first generation college goers. ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 05/19/2018

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Jimmy Carter Library Awards Scholarships to Red Wolf and La Joya ECHS Seniors
The Jimmy Carter Library is proud to announce the 2018 Carter Library Scholarship Recipients. ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 05/14/2018

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Three Red Wolf Seniors Awarded Prestigious National Scholarship
Red Wolf Seniors Lizeth Vega, Blanca Polanco, and Manaure Guerrero have been awarded the Dream.US Scholarship ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 04/27/2018

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National Honor Society and Red Wolf Members Adopt-a-Beach for Earth Day
The National Honor Society and Red Wolf Members traveled to South Padre Island to do their part to help keep our environment clean. ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 04/22/2018

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Jimmy Carter Honors Top Ten Red Wolf Seniors
After four years of hard work and dedication, Jimmy Carter has ranked the Class of 2018. Jimmy Carter lauds the great academic achievements of its top ten students. ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 04/20/2018