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Scholarship Search Engine Links & Tips

Financial Aid may not be enough to cover all of the costs of an education.  Luckily, there are thousands of available scholarships to help finance your education.  It takes time, patience, and dedication to apply, so set out to complete them early.  Below are some links, resources, advice, pointers, etc. and a scholarship guide to help you.


APPLY EARLY: Strictly observe deadlines and make sure to submit applications early. Be honest: it’s important to be truthful about grades, experiences, memberships, qualifications, family finances, and other information.

BE SELECTIVE: Only apply if you meet the scholarship’s minimum requirements.

SEEK ADVICE: Talk to other students who have already won scholarships, or to a teacher to help you with the scholarship process.

FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: If the application asks for a 500-word essay, do not exceed the limit.  When submitting the application, only include the requested items.

PROOFREAD YOUR APPLICATION: Review everything. Typos are a sure way not to be considered for a scholarship. Consider asking a parent, teacher, or friend to read through your application. Keep in mind that spell checkers are great; however, they only verify that words are spelled correctly.  So, don’t let this happen to you: “I ran the spell checker on may essay, so I no everything is find.”

KEEP COPIES: If your application is misplaced, having copies will make it easier to resend your information quickly.

SEND APPLICATION VIA REGISTERED MAIL: If you mail in your application, many sources will not confirm receipt of your application.  Consider sending your application via USPS registered mail so you know your materials arrived safely.

SPECIAL NOTE ON SCHOLARSHIP & UNIVERSITY SCAMS: Never pay for services involving scholarship searches. All of these services are FREE.  DO NOT give out any financial information (Social Security number, credit card numbers, etc.) to unsolicited emails or phone calls.