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Alumni Profiles: Itzamar Marquez, Class of 2014
Itzamar Marquez, our 2014 Salutatorian, has become part of the La Joya ISD family. She is now a Mathematics Instructor at La Joya ISD and will begin teaching this coming fall. ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 09/16/2017

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Carter Teacher Profiles: Ms. Queen Martin's Harvard Graduation is Featured in The Monitor
Jimmy Carter's very own Algebra teacher has made Monitor news. On behalf of everyone at Jimmy Carter, we are proud of your hard work and accomplishments Ms. Martin. ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 09/25/2017

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The Class of 2017 Salutatorian, Natalie Zarate
Jimmy Carter is proud of Natalie Zarate's accomplishments as our class Salutatorian. In the subsequent La Joya ISD video, Natalie explains her drive, motivation, and inspiration to succeed. ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 09/16/2017

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Red Wolves Advance their Education Thanks to La Joya ISD
Red Wolves are hard at work this summer. Several of our students are able to advance thanks to the resources and opportunities La Joya ISD provides. Read more about what La Joya ISD is doing to help ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 06/23/2017